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In this universe for the guidance of human being almighty God bestow Anbiya-Karam. By these holy souls God remove the nastiest billows of infidelity & incredulity and illustrate his creation towards the precise way of persistent religious conviction and last but not the least accomplished Islam by sending Hazoor sarwar-kainat fakhar-mojodaat khatam-ul-anbiya Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa(sallala ho tala aleh wasalam), Subhan Allah. After Anbiya-karam (prophets), the same vocation was hand over to olia-karam (saints). In this world for preaching & persuading Islam, for propagating Toheed & Risalaat and in spreading civilization & social intercourse these consecrated characters completely follow Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (sallala ho tala aleh wasalam).

That trustworthy, high ranked & superb personalities endow with precious services for scattering the luminosity of Islam in the subcontinent (pak-o-hind) to point up off track muslims the right alleyway and to incline new muslims towards Islam that even after long time the relics of their eminent personalities are preserved within the hearts of Muslimanany-hind, among them few esteemed siants are: “Sultan-al-hind khwaja-khwajgan Hazrat Khwaja Gharib nawaz Moeen-ud-Din Hassan sajzi chisti Ajmeeri, Shiekh-ul-islam-walmuslameen Hazrt Baba Fareed-ud-din masood Gangshakar, Hazrat Mehboob-illahi Nizam-ud-din dehalvi, Hazrat Qibla-alam Khwaja Noor Muhammad Maharvi , Hazrat Hafiz Muhammad Jamal-ullah multani, Hazrat Peer Pathan Khwaja muhammad suleman tonsvi, Hazrat Khwaja Qibla Allah Baksh tonswi, Hazrat Khwaja khuda baksh kherpori, Hazrat  Khwaja Muhammad Abdur-Razzak Kherpori and specially Hazrat Sultan-ul-olia Al-shiekh Qibla Allama Asad Nizami chisti sulemani qudis sirham are included”.

In this website I endeavor to present scientific, litrary, social services and spiritual perfections of Kwajgan-chist specially Hazrat Al-shiekh Qibla Allama Asad Nizami mohaddis-e-kbeer (qudis sirha). For more than fifty years he cherish the world like a powerful reigning prince of rectitude, guidance, liberality & wisdom. You was the man of copious writings and alam-deen saint. For ahl-tasawuff your writings are like a flambeau.

For the appreciation of your enormous beneficence I want to dedicate this petite effort to this tajdar of country Pakistan, whatever you have done for the inhabitant of this region that is incredible. The resplendent flambeau of your outstanding character & exceptional disposition will sparkle inside the hearts of muslims in every inward era. Almighty God blesses all ahl-sunnat-wal-jammat from marvelous liberalities, scientific perfections & religious auspiciousness from this treasury of wisdom & insight.

O magnificent God plz. shimmer this noor-muhammadi again with full brilliance and the darkness, heathenism, polytheism which pervails in this world right now, demolish that and O magnificent God in the honour of your makboolan-dargah make me among pious persons of your royal court. Ameen sum amen Bja-nabi alkareem (sallala ho tala aleh wasalam).

Gar kabool aftad zahee azo sharaf
khak-roob dargah-Allama Asad Nizami (qudis sirha),
Rao Muhammad Abdullah chisti nizami asadi

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