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Few enthused & ingenious sacred advices of makhzan-azmat-o-kamal (treasury of magnificence and perfection), dafay-ranjo malaal (revoke of sorrow & grief), Ghos-ul-azum Hazrat Qibla Allama Asad Nizami Rehmatullahi A'laih (Al-matwaffi 1422 hijri) are mentioned below;

Deni-o-okhrawi (Religious & futurity) salvage following the good disposition of prophet (Sallahu Ta'ala Alaihi wa sallam).
First of all oppose your inordinate covetousness and produce harmony in your acts & thoughts. Then by staying in paces of sheikh-e-Kamil acquire spiritual stages because love with world and people of the world never wish success for anyone.
Be distant from this world by staying in this temporary world. Instead of giving attention to fulfill your desire, choice the true path so that there is no disgrace in akhrat (futurity).
Avarice and improper desires desolated human being. Accomplish admissible demands of life rather than fulfill every desire of life. Specially take each possible care in this matter.
Far-away from invitation of woman, mawazbut of children and company of grandees.
Proper human is that who took decision of future in light of past by staying on the floor of present and that man is worst who neglect his past by no perception on importance of present moreover ignore his future too.
Saint is that who avoid from anxieties & angst and every time in accord with fear of God, obedience of prophet (Sallahu Ta'ala Alaihi wa sallam) and relation with sheikh- kamil.
O beloved, if you want peace then adopt severance from malice and abomination.
Selfishness and distress of desires wretched & solitude magnificence & dominion of human being.
Before appropriating good disposition of Prophet Sallahu Ta'ala Alaihi wa sallam. Zikr of prophet Sallahu Ta'ala Alaihi wa sallam abundantly state well, then adopt disposition of prophet Sallahu Ta'ala Alaihi wa sallam, otherwise pretension of disposition will imagine aimless.
Although a common man has desire of well food & drink, good clothes and well abode and protected from every kind of apparent disease but these desires are personally self-deceiving. Dervish remains stay far from these desires more over he prefer respected God, Prophet Sallal la ho Ta'ala Alaihi wa sallam and relation with sheikh-kamil, also desirous of essence serenity.
Fortunate man is that who wish  God and prophet Sallahu Ta'ala Alaihi wa sallam also be near to sheikh-e-kamil that man cant be fortunate who adjudge only money  and luxury his aim of life and remains inquirer of them whole life.
Dervish is that who except him-self give respect and honor to all the creation of God and remain busy in their services.
Mankind is covered with gold of humanity who extinct with this humanity, not worthy cause to say human being. So for humanity necessary perception is Ehsas-e-Admi Bakai Akhrat.
Magnificence & dignity of human being is in seeking to gain the heart of creation of God and accuser of perceptions. In this secret of spiritual tranquility concealed so God became pleased.Wabillah al-toffeq.
Nafs (Self-desires) eagerly want completion of every longing of life and want to irrigate them through dejected determinations. This is intense argument of human weakness that he starts worship of money and beauty.
Carry out intense love with God, prophet Sallahu Ta'ala Alaihi wa sallam and by heart relation feel fascination of soul with sheikh, try to avoid from sins and look after human privileges.
Preserve weapon, dialect, time and relationship with respected sheikh, unfortunately if you waste any of them you will be squander on both worlds. (dunya & akhrat)
This is not right just to depend on apparent adoration; on the contrary obedience with heart, is the essence of soul. By purifying them, do busy in adulation and then come towards apparent adulation so both matters become alike and acquire success both in world and after world (akhrat).
Passion is that furnace who ever came in, not become reduced to ashes by burning, in contrast, he become pearl which have inestimable cost in the universe.
Khush-ikhlaq (polit having good disposition), khush-posh (well- dressed), khush khat (good handwriting), khush mahool (well prevalent conditions), khush khorak (well victual) are the five things which is necessary for a dervish.
Qawali is conditional which is forbidden to listen by anyone except ahl-e-dil (having taste for divine knowledge, devout) because every person can not be able that during congregation of SAMAA (mehfil-e-sama) he become wasil-billah. (Person feels passionate relation with GOD).
This thought of human being is evident, that man prefers ostentation and tafooq on akhrat, while ignore the essence of reality knowingly or unknowingly and struggle with each possible way for acquiring status only by means of world & money. Although they would not get completion of their fictitious desires, but in spite of, they settled them in their secure visions, as a result safety is in this, that don’t understand them aim of life on the contrary feel them part of the way, and advent towards his actual destination (Allah & prophet Sallahu Ta'ala Alaihi wa sallam) hence achieve real aim of life.
Love is this, that except to whom one love (with sheikh-mohtaram) remains no desire of any thing, thus far he/she become totally indulges in that.
At least submission is stipulation for tawaja of saint. You should try not to driven back your steps from devotion and obedience, then you will found us in every condition.
Service of dervish by faithful is their own fortunate not favor for dervish. In contrast this is magnificent blessing for faithful which service charge to them it bestowed merely due to their special vision of grace where upon it set out and this is enough.
Mystery of friend (Allah, Prophet Sallahu Ta'ala Alaihi wa sallam & Sheikh-e-kamil) are elegant and can be settled out in the heart of elegant lover.



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