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Now a days prosecutors of Hazrat Sheikh Baghdad Abdul-Qadir Jelani Rehmatullahi A'laih are at the point of contest to strengthen this issue that Hazrat Sheikh-Baghdad Rehmatullahi A'laih is superior than all mussaiekh as far as in addition to this adjudge superiority on all Sahaba-e-karam, Ahl-e-beet ozam and all Anbiya-e-kram (aleh-e-mussalam) and obstinate on elevating power and dominion of him. While along with sheikh-Baghdad Rehmatullahi A'laih venerable saints of all the salasil are inclusive & proficient and enclosure of their dominion is impossible. They are not needy of words & descriptions by these prosecutors. We respect and honor all of them. To whom little opposition proves truth of a thing “Mun adali waliyyan fakad azantoho bilharb” such as when I ask from Hazrat murshadi-o-molai maljai-o-mawai Qibla Allama Asad Nizami sahib hanfi chisti nizami farkhri  jamali sulemani Rehmatullahi A'laih (al-matwaffi 1422 hijri) about qadmi (foot-steps of) Sheikh-Baghdad (Rehmatullahi A'laih), then in reply you dictum holy conversation that;

“Qadami sheikh-e-baghdad qudus-sira means only exclusively footsteps and to infer apparent comprehension is not right.”

Hazrat Qibla Allama Abdul-Aziz Parharwi hanfi chisti nizami farkhri jamali Rehmatullahi A'laih (al-matwaffi 1239 hijri) said about mauaqif Qadami of sheikh-e-baghdad that;

“Claim: My foot is on shoulders of all saints of God; apply on contemporaries and your pupils & disciples. From this order your predecessors and moderns are exempted.”[1]

Look over opinion about qadmi (steps of) shiekh-baghdad by Hazrat sheikh Mian Meer Qadri lahori Rehmatullahi A'laih (al-matwaffi 1045 hijri) while Hazrat Dar-ush-sikwa Qadri Rehmatullahi A'laih copy your holy saying from his book safina-tul-olia (hand-written);

“Claim of Hazrat Ghos-ul-azam Razi Allah Anhu that my foot is on shoulders of all saints means to follow your manner.”[2]

“Qadmi hazehi alla raqabatin qulli wali-ullah” means not the apparent steps of Hazrat Sayadna Sheikh-e-baghdad Abdul-qadir Jelani Rehmatullahi A'laih (disciple & caliph of Hazrat sheikh Abu Saeed Mubarak Makhzoomi Rehmatullahi A'laih) on the contrary this means only solely following the foot-steps whereas through holy avowals of Hazrat Qibla Allama Asad Nizami mohades-kabeer Rehmatullahi A'laih, Hazrat Allama Abdul-aziz Purharwi Rehmatullahi A'laih and Hazrat mian Meer Qadri Lahori Rehmatullahi A'laih, this talk is very evident  that qadmi means naqsh-qadam (foot-steps) and the same is the right.

Moreover in every era there is one Ghos-ul-Azam and are appearing continuously because this spiritual rank is not permanently only for one saint, that’s why at the time of sacred death this rank is committed to another able personality. So that system of spirituality persistently carries on. About transfer of rank of Ghosiyat, muhakik-ul-madakik, Ghos-ul-Azam Hazrat Qibla Allama Asad Nizami Rehmatullahi A'laih (al-matwaffi 1422 hijri) give details in his marka-tul-Aaraa writings with the name of ‘’khawajgan-e-chist ka mooqaf-e-qadmi sheikh-e-Baghdad’’;

“These spiritual ranks like Ghos, Otad, Abdal etc (different rank of saints) are not permanently acquired in contrast at the time of holy death hand over to another able person, so that system of spirituality persistently carries on.”[3]

In addition to this, it cannot be ignored that Ghos-el-Azam Hazrat Qibla Allama Asad Nizami Rehmatullahi A'laih acquired khilafat after that the rank of Ghosiyat from Hazrat Qibla Khawaja Muhammad Abdur-razzak kher-poori chisti Nizami Rehmatullahi A'laih.

Chomta ho ap ka naqash-e-qadam
Lazat-e-bandagi nahi jati

About mauaqif Qadami (opinion about footsteps) sheikh-e-Baghdad (Rehmatullahi A'laih) the statement of Hazrat Khawaja Ghulam Fareed chisti Nizami sum kher-poori Rehmatullahi A'laih (al-matwaffi 1319 hijri) is that;

“When Hazrat sayadna Ghos-ul-azam Sheikh Abdul-qadir Jilani Quads-Sirah said in the state of immersed situation that my foot is on the shoulders of all saints of the age. Then saints of that time (olia-e-asar) means your disciple, caliphs and pupils when they listen your speech they bow their necks, from this it came to know that your dictum was specific for that persons.”[4]

Hazrat Qazi-ul-hajaat Qazi Muhammad Aqil sahib hanfi chisti Nizami Rehmatullahi A'laih (al-matwaffi 1229 hijri) describes about the mean of qadam sheikh-e-baghdad (Rehmatullahi A'laih);

“All ancestors of khawajgan-e-chist have this opinion that qadam sheikh-e-baghdad quads-sirah means only solely foot steps, not according to apparent, if anyone have this faith then that is not right.”[5]

Ulma-o-masaiekh and the great Scholar of the world sound out and study for more facts about glorious writings of Ghos-el-Azam Hazrat Qibla Allama Asad Nizami Rehmatullahi A'laih which are mentioned below:.

  1. Khawajgan-e-chist ka Moakkaf-e-Qadmi sheikh-e-Baghdad
  2. Salasil-e-sulsa ka Moakkaf-e-Qadmi sheikh-e-Baghdad
  3. Gulv aur tajawizat par tabsira

These writings of Qibla Allama sahib have the unique rank in the world of mysticism.         

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