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Splendorous Shrine Of Hazrat Al-Shiekh Qibla Allama Asad Nizami (R.A)
Hub of Brilliance & Magnificence
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Although accomplished saints of all silasul have proficiency in relation with literary and spiritual ranks but there is no example of dignity & dominion which acquired to khawajgan-e-chist by special vision of grace from holy prophet Sallala ho Ta'ala Alaihi wa sallam. About incomparability and importance of khawajgan-e-chist on all other silasul, famous venerable soharwardi silsila’s saint Hazrat Sheikh Jalal-ud-din Jahania Jaha-ghast Rehmatullahi A'laih (al-mutawaffi 750 hijri) said;

“This faqir (Hazrat Jahania Jaha-ghast Rehmatullahi A'laih) get reveal that Silsila Alia Chistia have preferred on all other silasul and chisti saints acquired importance among all other saints” [1]

About the rank of spiritual superiority of Silsila Alia Chistia Hazrat Molana Ghulam Ali Azad Bilgirami Rehmatullahi A'laih (al-mutawaffi 1200 hijri) said that;
“There in no doubt , in that , chisti saints get hold of ancient right on the dominion of Hindustan” [2]

About magnificence and completion of khawajgan-e-chist Hazrat Sheikh Amad-ud-din Dukni Hanfi Qadri Rehmatullahi A'laih (al-mutawaffi 1051 hijri) said;
“khandan-e-chist (family of chist) have kept worth in spiritual dignity and vigor of knowledge because these persons (khawajgan-e-chist) are granted by special kindness of prophet Sallala ho Ta'ala Alaihi wa sallam that’s why they get superiority on all other saints of God” [3]

Liberality and auspiciousness of Silsila Alia Chistia Nizamia have inestimable dissemination & exposure. In fact this is the saintly silsila which have spread on terrestrial world which is really incomparable. About natural spaciousness of this series Hazrat Sheikh Abdurrahman Rehmatullahi A'laih have written;

“There is no limit of number of outstanding disciples and supreme friends of God whatever someone say, whatever someone write they are above them. Respected God had directly gave his qaleed Faiz-e-bepaya (boundless key of bounty) through sultan-ul-masaaiekh. By which all the world from east to west get benefited and achieved exalted ranks (Rehmatullahi taala)” [4]

Liberality and auspiciousness of founder of Silsila Alia Chistia Nizamia Hazrat khawaja Mehboob-illahi Nizam-ud-din Dehalvi Rehmatullahi A'laih disciple and caliph of Sheikh-ul-islam wal-muslimeen Hazrat Baba Fareed-ud-din Masood Ganjsaker Rehmatullahi A'laih have conquered the world. This is true that your holy personality is among those eminent and selected personalities of Umat-e-Muhammadia (Sallahu Ta'ala Alaihi wa sallam) on which heaven and earth have in so far as honour. Your rank is extremely high in allegation of phrases of toheed-o- haqaiq.

“Many wealthy people inclined towards excessive wickedness but they acquire firm religious correction & indisputable salvation when they came to be at service of Hazrat sheikh (Mahboob-illahi dehalvi Rehmatullahi A'laih)” [5]

Hazrat Mirza Shams-ud-din saheed dehalvi hanfi naqshbandi Rehmatullahi A'laih (al-mutawaffi 1195 hijri) have written in one of his precious writing that;

“(Hazrat) Sultan-ul-masaiekh Nizam-ud-din Olia Aleh-rehma was tremendously kind on their pilgrims” [6]

About magnificent rank of Mokam-e-Mehbobiat of Hazrat khawaja Mehboob-illahi Nizam-ud-din dehlvi Rehmatullahi A'laih, Hazrat shiekh Jalal-ud-din Jahania Jaha-ghast Rehmatullahi A'laih disciple & caliph of Hazrat Sheikh Rukun-ud-din Alam Multani Soharwardi Rehmatullahi A'laih in addition to khilafat with Hazrat Sheikh Naseer-ud-din Mehmood Chirag Dehalvi Rehmatullahi A'laih said;

“Hazrat Sheikh Nizam-ud-din Dehalvi geo qudus-serha persist such a worth in Mukam-e-Mehbobiyat & Mashookiyat that no body knows except precious personality of God, and the Holy Prophet Sallala ho Ta'ala Alaihi wa sallam and venerable Sheikh, moreover this is the rank of bliss, degree and dignity and can be obtained just due to favor of respected sheikh” [7]

About magnificence and dominion of Hazrat Mahboob-illahi Khawaja Nizam-ud-din Dehalvi Rehmatullahi A'laih, Haider-e-chist, and Ghos-ul-asar Hazrat Qibla Allama Asad Nizami Sahib Hanfi Chisti Nizami Fakhri Sulemani Rehmatullahi A'laih illustrate in his gracious book Tazkira Hazrat Baba Sahib Geo Rehmatullahi A'laih & Fawaid-ul-saalkeen.”

Despite religious services of Hazrat Mahboob-e-illahi qudus-serha from his abbey disposition (Khankahi Nizam) creation of God got such a benefit which have at least no example in subcontinent of Pak-o-hind (Pakistan, Hindustan, Afghanistan, Iran and few state of Russia are included) because your abbey disposition (Khankahi Nizam) was itself the centre of knowledge and literature along with centre of seeking to gain the heart, perceptions and social services of creation of God. These are those facts on which historical leaves are witness.”[8]

Hence possessions, bounty & liberalities of khawajgan-e-chist especially Silsila Alia Chistia Nizamia Fakhria Jmalia Sulamania will continue and going on every where and the entire world over till qiyamat.

“Wallaho yakhtaso be rahmatehi man yashaao

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