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Hazrat Al-Sheikh-ul-kamil Qibla Allama Asad Nizami sahib mohaddis-e-kbeer Rehmatullahi A'laih is among those famous and accomplished saints of sub-continent whose fame spread from east to west. He was revival of Islamic nation and guidance of splendor in the darkness of astray. your holy personality was gracious & compassionate, courageous & submissive, intelligent & wise good looking as well as having good character, soft nature & mild disposition, sweet language & soft spoken, polite & ingenious, Sober & vigorous, stable & firm in his decisions, contented & satisfied with the will of God, your heart was enlightened with fortitude. About this emperor of heart with esteemed features, someone well said that quality of sentence cannot be able to deliver the grace of your personality; Arabic saying;

Falolakum ma arafana-ul-howa  Lo lal howa ma arafana kum

“(Means if you was not then we cannot be able to recognize love, such as if love was not, then we cannot be able to recognize you as well)”

Samaa (Qwali) is a mystery from mysteries of God. Due to this, there is no curtain between man & the God and due to this everyone acquire bounty according to their ranks, willingness & nature and no one become deprived. Although Al-sheikh-ul-kamil Hazrat Qibla Allama Asad Nizami sahib Rehmatullahi A'laih had not listen Samaa (Qwali) abundantly. You listen Samaa whenever you want and gain spiritual peace because Samaa is victual of people having taste for divine knowledge, for that they remain restless every time.About Samaa Al-sheikh-ul-kamil Hazrat Allama Asad Nizami mohaddis-e-kbeer Rehmatullahi A'laih (al-matwaffi 1422 hijri) said;

“Samaa is a source of hazoori and from this by acquiring the key of love, lover become immersed in beloved”

When in congregation of Sama sahib-e-dard saint prevail over the condition of insensibility (endowed with grief for acquiring pleasure of sheikh-e-kamil, Prophet Sallahu Ta'ala Alaihi wa sallam & God) then he become free from this world and things of this world and immersed in word “Hoo”. And this is the method of Khawajgan-e-Chist (Aleh-rehma) that when they join congregation of Samaa, they become fana-fil-haq. Exactly like this, which is mentioned above, was the feeling of Al-sheikh-ul-kamil Qibla Allama Asad Nizami Rehmatullahi A'laih.

Esrar-e-mohabat ra har dil na bood kabil
Dur neest bahar darya zar neest bahar kanay

Great saints of yours silsila-e-tariqat use to listen Samaa (means Qwali) conditionally. Due to this reason you continue to listen Samaa conditionally. This Samaa is not for the common people. That is why common people keep aloof to listen this, only that person can be able to listen this who thoroughly understands and consider all the rules i.e Zaman, Makaan and Akhwaan. As long as these three conditions are not present in salik, he use to avoid in listening this and in not listening there is a direct reward for him.

Zaman means, for listening Samaa use such a time when there is no religious prohibition, moreover time should be like this, when leisure and quietude can be obtained without any interruption.

Second condition of Makaan means place where congregation of Samaa is being held.That should be like this from where there is no passage of common people and incapables. Place should be full of quietude where there is no interruption of irreligious acts & matters. And third “Akhwaan” means invite such people in congregation of Samaa who are capable to listen Samaa, bosom friends of Prophet Sallahu Ta'ala Alaihi wa sallam and God, capable of possessing right (virtuous), Samaa should not be of vicious and anxious people and persons should have the ability to apply kalam-e-majaz on reality, want to listen this in love with God and the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Sallahu Ta'ala Alaihi wa sallam and want to quench this thirst. About this Samaa Hazrat Al-sheikh-ul-kamil Qibla Allama Asad Nizami mohaddis-e-kbeer Rehmatullahi A'laih said;

“This Samaa is not for common people so common people keep far-away to listen this only that person can be able to listen this, who thoroughly understands and take into consideration all rules and principles means Zaman, Makaan, Akhwaan as long as these three conditions are not present in soofi saint, he avoid to listen this and in not listening there is direct recompense for him.”

Additionally about this your holy edict is;

“It is not right to adjudge “Samaa-bil-mzameer” unlawful and to listen it abundantly with people of no interest, so entirely avoid from those people who use to listen Qwali in the congregation of common people or do wajad purposeless and where there is mixture of young boys or girls which is strictly forbidden according to the law of Islam, hence our gentleman saints, gentleman caliph and gentleman disciples consider it all the way through and show complete restriction”

Hence Hazrat Al-sheikh-ul-kamil Qibla Allama Asad Nizami  mohaddis-e-kbeer Rehmatullahi A'laih when listen Samaa-bil-mzameer or sometimes non-mzameer at that time you immersed  in the condition of astonishment and during Samaa from your forehead a splendor shines and reached to sky, At Dargah-e-mooala of Hazrat Baba sahib Rehmatullahi A'laih (means Baba Farid-ud-din Masood gunj-sakar) in condition of Samaa you often disappears !  Subhan Allah.

Jala Sakti Ha Shama khusta Ko Mooj-e-nafs In Ki
Illahi Kia Chupa Hota Ha Ahl-e-dil Ka Seeno Ma

Truth is this, that wajad-o-hal of Mardan-e-khuda (the people of God) cannot be stopped just at one Samaa. In addition to this melody of birds, fragrance of flowers, passion of butterflies, dissolvness of candles, glitter of stars, shine of sun & moon, fluency of rivers, disturbance of waves, quietude of mountains, inflexibility of trees, dance of branches, the scene of morning, the time of evening, hence in front of them observation of every particle is the true manifestation of world adorning elegance of their real beloved. And after watching this heart becomes palpitated, eyes becomes wet with tears and soul becomes excited and exactly the name of this condition is wajad-o-kafiyat and the persons have these feeling are the most rightful to listen Samaa.

Waalaho Yakhtaso Berahmatehi Man Yashaoo

Due to Hazrat Al-sheikh-ul-kamil Qibla Allama Asad Nizami sahib Rehmatullahi A'laih countless people of God enlightened their heart by splendorous candle of religion (of Islam), even not a single second of your life remain empty from education & religious instructions, lessons & lectures and from Zikr-e-illahi (praising of God). Your auspicious personality was among Ayaat-e-illahi (verses of God). By watching you God happen to remember. Memory of predecessor saints happens to refreshes. Hence for us in this disasterous era your holy personality is exceptional blessing of God. Today the need of time is to acquaint people with your holy education & great services.



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