Roza Aqdus of Hazrat Qibla Allama Asad Nizami
Chisti Sulemani R.A

Splendorous Shrine Of Hazrat Al-Shiekh Qibla Allama Asad Nizami (R.A)
Hub of Brilliance & Magnificence
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Core Of Luminosity & Glory

This reality is accepted across the world that, prior to all, in the sub-continent chisti saints came and his name was Hazrat Makhdom Sayed Adil Peer sahib chisti Rehmatullahi A'laih (al-matwaffi 370 hijri, district Dera Ghazi Khan, Pakistan) devotee and caliph of Hazrat sheikh Sharf-u-Din Abu Ishaq Shami Rehmatullahi A'laih (al-matwaffi 329 hijri Qadeem Damishk, Syria(Sham) but silsila-e-alia chistia acquired honor or you can say that candle of chisti series is burnt by Hazrat khwaja Garib Nawaz Mueen-ul-Millata Waldeen Hassan Sajzi Ajmeri Rehmatullahi A'laih. To whom great saint like Hazrat Khwaja Qutb-ul-ektab Qutb-ud-Din Bakhtair Kaki Rehmatullahi A'laih, Sheikh-ul-Islam walmuslemeen Hazrat Baba Fareed-ud-Din Masood Ganj Shakar Rehmatullahi A'laih, Hazrat Khawaja Mehboob-Elahi Nizam-ud-din Dehalwi Rehmatullahi A'laih solicit light and ornamented the banquet of uprightness and guidance and then in fourteenth century, the rays of this brilliance reached at place of Jahania(chak No, 114/10-R) in outer edge of Multan Sharif, where once again the province of Punjab especially sacred Multan become the light ever-increasing centre by means of the existence of Haider-e-chist Hazrat Qibla Allama Asad Nizami Rehmatullahi A'laih.

Beloved of God (Mehboob-e-khuda), inquirer of concealed mystery of God(Mazhr-e-israr-e-yazdani), arrogance of saints(fakr-ul-olia), intellectual evaluator & great researcher (muhakik-ul-mudakik) Hazrat Hadina,Murshidna,Sayedena Mukhdoom-ul-makhadeem Khawaja Allah Baksh Sahib Insari Geo well-known as Haider-e-chist, Ghos-ul-Asar, dervish-e-kamil-o-akmal mukamal (inclusive & proficient saint ) Hazrat Allama Asad Nizami hanfi chisti nizami fakhri sulemani Rehmatullahi A'laih had nafoos-e-qudsiya(eminence of essence & spirit) which prove the truth that (ARABIC):“Ulma-e-Umatti kannabi-uo-Bani Israel”. His prosperous existence was the whole compilation of shariyat-o-tarikat. He was Daim-us-silat-o-qaim-ul-lail. The rays of his sun shine brilliantly in all over the world and rise in a different manner at that time which prospered the universe via momentous brilliance of liberality & auspiciousness.

This fortunate sunbeam of wisdom rise in 1358 hijri from the horizon of Khag-e-wala (place of your birth) in out-skirts of Multan Sharif with full brilliance and splendor. Which night you came into existence, splendor manifested from soil to sky. Your successor series come to an end at Sahabi of prophet Sallala ho Ta'ala Alaihi wa sallam Hazrat Abu Ayub Insari Razi Allah Anhu. The name of your highly regarded mother was Hazrat Bibi Ata illahi who spend her virtuous life according to abstinence, obedience, integrity and chastity. The promising name of your father was Hazrat Qazi Gulam Murtaza Insari who was exceptional saint, pious man and stand by amar-bil-maroof wa nahi ul munkir but you don’t have any financial power which causes fame or reputation before the birth of Hazat Allama Sahib but auspicious and thousand times auspicious is the family where this great Wutab-ul-Alam amd Ghos-ul-Azam born.

From the childhood, in the noble personage of Hazrat Allama Sahib relics of eminence, grandeur and magnificence was present which is observed many times by your parents and your young age companions. Hazrat Allama Sahib learnt holy Quran and preliminary Arabic books in addition to this explanation of holy Quran from your mother. Afterwards you learn some books of Persian literature too from Hazrat Haji Gulam Mujtaba Sahib Ensari geo Rehmatullahi A'laih who was the man of excellent wisdom, knowledge & bounty and well acquainted by ordinance and observances of Islam. Great saints were confessors of your vast knowledge. Your inside was equipped by the jewel of toheed and your heart was enlightened by the splendor of research. Hazrat Haji Ghulam Mujtaba Insari Geo Rehmatullahi A'laih become the disciple of Hazrat Peer Abdul khaliq Kheerpoori Rehmatullahi A'laih sajjada nasheen Astana-e-Alia Hazrat Khawaja Khuda Baksh sahib Kheerpoori Rehmatullahi A'laih, whole day you remain busy yourself  in Dars-o-tadrees and abadat-o-riyazat (adoration & abstinence). No one had ability to converse in front of you. He was submissive to the will of God. Due to his Tawaja and Meherbani (kindness) many people honored with ziyarat of Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). Hence many people acquired internal and external kindness and auspiciousness due to you.

Hazrat Allama Sahib acquired Uloom-e-Munkool and Asool-e-Hadees (principles of hadees) and tafseer (explanation of Quran) and Fiqa and tasawwuf-o-salook and education of medicine from Hazrat Sufi Ghulam Mustafa Sahib Insari Sum Hanfi chisti Nizami Rehmatullahi A'laih. He was the man of exalted rank while high dignity saint in kamalat-o-karamat and was qutab of that time. He strictly acts upon guidelines of sariyat. He was disciple and caliph of Hazrat Khawaja Khuda Baksh Sahib Kherpori Rehmatullahi A'laih (notorious spiritual shrine in kherpori sharif) sajjada-nasheen Hazrat Mia Abdul-khaliq Sahib Kherpori Rehmatullahi A'laih. His apparent looks was very simple & beautiful and your inside was ornamented with perception of god and splendor of tajalliyat-e-illahi, By the auspiciousness of your guidance many seekers acquired the degree of great fullness moreover  by tawaja of Hazrat Sufi Sahib Rehmatullahi A'laih Aseb zadgan get quickly healthy what ever you dictum from your tongue according to that manifested. You said excellent verses on hakaik-o-marfat in different languages like Urdu, Persian, and Saraiki. Hence he was sahib-e-kasaf-o-karamat and kamil-o-akmal (complete and perfect) dervish of his age and due to him a series of righteousness and guidance continues for a long time. Hazrat Allama Sahib was disciple and caliph of Hazrat khawaja kibla Muhammad Abdu-ur-Razzak sahib kherpori chisti nizami Rehmatullahi A'laih who was very venerable great saint, besides this, he was complete example of good manners of the prophet (peace be upon him) in his entire life. The majority part of night past in recite of holy Quran, every night finished holy Quran once. He was very Arif-e-kamil and salik in the way of realities. He was not negligent from remembrance of God awhile. He spent lot of money on needy, miserable, indigent people and on widows too and help them by every possible way, In short, Hazrat Qibla Muhammad Abdu-ur-Razzak sahib kherpori chisti nizami Rehmatullahi A'laih was brilliant Aftab-o-mahtab of Asman-e-wallyat.

Al-shiekh-e-kamil Hazrat Allama Asad Nizami Rehmatullahi A'laih was great Ahl-e-batin and Ahl-e-fukar of his time. He was waheed-zma, Farid-ul-Asar and obedient on sunnat of prophet (peace be upon him) moreover he attained the rank of excellence. Hence he was complete example of manners of holy prophet (peace be upon him). In conjunction with veneration of god he gave huge importance to tune-up the mankind. He his-self always serve creation of God and gave training of this to sahib-e-nisbat persons too.

Hazrat Allama Sahib was such a vivid candle of abstinence, sobriety, chastity, piety, mercifulness, submission and contrition that he always surrounded by the crowd of moths. Every one felt this, that how much you merciful and kind on me, not on any other, he was such a mustjjabu-ud-dawat that when his hands elevated for prayer difficulties of deprived people were dispel. He was such a complete saint who ever came near to you his heart become enlightened with the adore of god and love of prophet(peace be upon him).The inferior attribute of Baba Sahib’s accomplishment was, to whom you advised, he act upon with soul and spirit. Due to Baba Sahib’s company thousands of vicious became righteous and virtuous. Numerous righteous attained inspirational degrees due to his sight of grace. He accepts pitiable and beggars with politeness, hospitality and delicacy. He always spread Hadiya among deserved people. In his abbey every time set up alms’ house. No body deprived from his door. He kept exalted grade in fukar (the vocation of a faqir dervish).Whoever came in front of him; you portray his situation of heart straight-forwardly. Due to this people love & inspire from his personality, he was favorite in auspiciousness and liberality that’s why followers shower their life on him because his personality is a possessions of immense knowledge.

Hazrat Allama Sahib Rehmatullahi A'laih had utmost love with Hazrat Baba Sahib Geo Rehmatullahi A'laih (means Hazrat Baba Farid-ul-Millata Masood Ganj shaker Rehmatullahi A'laih), Due to this he lose himself personally in personality of Hazrat Baba Sahib Geo Rehmatullahi A'laih. Effectual grace sight of Hazrat Allama Sahib befall on which person he promptly entangled in love with God, Prophet Sallala ho Ta'ala Alaihi wa sallam and saints of religion islam.

When asked from Hazrat khawaja Qamar-ud-din Siyalwi Rehmatullahi A'laih disciple and caliph of Hazrat khawaja Shamaas-ud-Deen Siyalwi Rehmatullahi A'laih that how you found Hazrat Allama Asad Nizami, at that time he answered;
“He is the ocean of realities (hakaik) which have no termination”.

Hazrat Allama Sahib salute too much among his contemporary dervishes in accomplishment, faithfulness, authenticity and was religious director of the period. He did loyalty with God like this that no-nobody was vigilance. He likes less to be renowned. Humble (Abdullah) often listen this edict from tolerant dialect of sheikh-e-muhtaram:

“People either wish bad or good take no care of that. But affair with God and prophet Sallala ho Ta'ala Alaihi wa sallam should always remain sincere.”

All in his life he hides him-self in such a way that no one became aware of his duly state. He was such an ardent disposition and resplendent tolerate saint that the cleanliness, which is required to mention him, can never be the fortune of dialect and pen. He had such venerable personality that his buzurgi and khwarik-e-Adat can’t be within writings.

Respectable death of Hazrat Allama Sahib Rehmatullahi A'laih happened on 23 month Zil-haj sharif 1422 hajri at Friday’s night. His holy shrine at chak number 114/10-R Jahania district khanewal (Multan shareef, Punjab, Pakistan). Even after visal-e-Akdas (respectable death), by his plentiful soul innumerable incidents and facts manifest upon which wisdom become astonished.

Hazrat Allama Sahib was Ghos of his time and sahib-e-irshad-o-salook in silsila-e-Alia chistia nizamia. He was the feature of generosity and was supreme sahib-e-tassruuf, complete & perfect saint but his grand generosity is, to reviving sunnat and change for the better of people. Till now his life is like flambeau for us, especially for persons who belongs to Khwaj-gane chist or safer of this attribute have responsibility to exalt the banner for movement of Hazat Allama Asad Nizami Sahib Insari Sum Hanfi Chisti Nizami Rehmatullahi A'laih because Hawadis-e-zamana (accidents of period) and Inklabat-e-alam (transpositions of world) wanted to quench this candle. Although we have perfect faith.





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