Roza Aqdus of Hazrat Qibla Allama Asad Nizami
Chisti Sulemani R.A

Splendorous Shrine Of Hazrat Al-Shiekh Qibla Allama Asad Nizami (R.A)
Hub of Brilliance & Magnificence
(Inside outlook)
A different Charismatic View of Nighttime
A Fascinating Day Stance of Dargah
A Fascinating Night Scene Of Dargah
Core Of Luminosity & Glory

Spiritual Perfections of Aftab-e-Falak-o-walayat, Qutab-uz-zama, Ghos-ul-azum, Al-Sheikh-ul-kamil Hazrat Qibla Allama Asad Nizami sahib mohaddis-e-kbeer Rehmatullahi A'laih was exceptionally glorious & his perfections cannot be enclosed with in human brainpower. Hazrat Mehboob-e-rabani, Haider-e-chist, Makhdoom Qibla Allama Asad Nizami Rehmatullahi A'laih was illustrious and magnificent saint of Silsila Alia Chistia Nizamia. He was the man of excellence in apparent and inside comprehensions. Such an influence in his sight that on which person Qibla Allama sahib paid attention he revealed from arsh to fursh (soil to sky). He had art of winning hearts. Numerous suffered humanity got benefit from you. While describing saintly sketch of esteemed Al-Sheikh-ul-kamil Hazrat Qibla Allama Sahib superb shine prominent on the faces of attribute persons and that spiritual situation can’t be explain within words. From his polite personality common people as well as sahib-e-nisbat persons acquired bounty without any discretion.

Al-Sheikh-ul-kamil Hazrat Qibla Allama Asad Nizami mohaddis-e-kbeer Rehmatullahi A'laih was excellent and inclusive saint. In his every word there was delightfulness of knowledge & wisdom. In his every gesture dignity of adoration of God was evident. In his every act there was determination. Hence Hayyat-e-Taiba(chaste and virtuous life) of this Great Dervish-e-Kamil (accomplished saint) was such an elegant collection of  Emaan-o-Ekaan, illm-o-irfan (knowledge & wisdom), Mujjahidat-o-Marakbaat, Wardaat-o-Musahidat, Ishak-o-Masti (love & passion), kaholos-o-wafa (Sincerity and purity), Khidmat-e-Khalk (service of people), that heart automatically incline towards him. Feelings of respect and admiration rise naturally and impersonation of his magnificence become deep and deeper. His own sheikh-e-kamil Hazrat Qibla khawaja Muhammad Abd-ur-Razzak chisti Nizami kherpori Rehmatullahi A'laih was avower of his sublime dignity and kamal-e-walayat. He had graceful assembly of apparent and inside beauty. Always he remains the feature of beautiful glory. His every saying & act was according to vitality & dedication. Moreover he counts in special friends of Allah. There was no example in giving hand to poor people like you in addition to this you was  cherisher of  feeble old persons whole life you assist common people and doing it till now. For helping people your door remains open every time.

Lovers of Hazrat Al-Sheikh-ul-kamil Hazrat Qibla Allama sahib Rehmatullahi A'laih was exclusively immersed in tajreed-o-Tafreed, Fukar-o-Suluk and in observing the qualities of God. He had frequent acquaintance of apparent & inside furthermore he was accepted as inclusive saint. Renowned mashaikh and sensible people of that era understand possession of bounty and liberality by meeting with him till today your name is very prominent and shining like sun and moon in the whole world.

Al-sheikh-ul-kamil Hazrat Qibla Allama Asad Nizami Rehmatullahi A'laih was exceptional saint of his age and was absolutely perfect in love with Prophet (Sallahu Ta'ala Alaihi wa sallam) and in following shariyat. He had acquired a great command on realities of Quran-o-Sunnah and he was supreme in getting hold of fiqa and tassawuf. He acquire special place of dignity among perfect ulma’s of his period. His auspicious personality was giant example of knowledge, wisdom, passion and love. The treasure of intelligence & conception which he spread with his auspicious dialect got the rank of high dignity in the way of tarikat.

Protective person against grief and sadness, the auspicious fountain of knowledge and virtue Al-Sheikh-ul-kamil Hazrat Qibla Allama Asad Nizami Rehmatullahi A'laih was fortunate existence of generosity. The illumination of his heart and splendor of his vigilance enlightened the dark dwellings of people and guide thousands of astray humanity towards right way (Islamic religion). The personality of Hazrat Qibla Allama Asad Nizami sahib hanfi chisti Nizami Rehmatullahi A'laih was very pleasing. In which direction your sight raised that conquers the people. He was excellent Muslim saint, beloved of God, high ranked narrator, and besides this the man of righteousness and guidance, he was most dignified writer with abundant writings. Dialect and pen enclose no strength to describe his completions.

Once upon a time I (Muhammad Abdullah Asadi) was present at service of excellent saint Hazrat Qibla Allama Asad Nizami Rehmatullahi A'laih, a that time a dumb person came at your residence and he served with Fareedi langer, After finishing langer shareef, he solicit by his special sign in favor of finishing his dumbness, You remain quiet for a instant then addressed with that dumb person to read “Kalma-e-Taiba”. He instantly read kalma-e-taiba and got salvation from his dumbness forever. Subhan-Allah.

Kimiya Se Bi Fazo Tar Ha Teri Khak-E-Dar Mje
Ha Ata Kr De Maray Maksood Ka Gohar Mje.

Fakar-ul-kameeleen (proud of universe), sahib-e-illm-o-amal (the man of knowledge & wisdom) Hazrat Qibla Allama Asad Nizami Rehmatullahi A'laih is the man of dignity and mustjab-ud-dawaat Muslim saint. Exceptional lifestyle & astonishing miracles of Hazrat Qibla Allama Sahib is described by people of age but they cannot be within the writings. The fame of your bounty, sobriety, piety and soul purification have spread in all over the world. No ulma-o-massaiekh had the collections like him. He abolished depravity from the world of mysticism. No doubt his name and work will keep eternal renown. He gave lot of services on behalf of the name of Islam. So Religion Islam always remains indebted to him for this beneficence. His virtues, abilities, circumstances, miracles and excellences are clearer than the sun.

Hence Al-Sheikh-ul-kamil Hazrat Qibla Allama Asad Nizami Rehmatullahi A'laih was complete example of kulq-e-muhammadi (Peace be upon him) (disposition of prophet) in his apparent and inside. The way of your mutation was very effective and always full of skill and knowledge. Existing ulma’s & masaiekh of your period adjudge you fortification of knowledge and proficiency while fixing you as a sea of realities, virtues and authenticity. In this kahat-ur-rijaal feeble era your fortunate existence was a big graciousness of God. Your memories will be the part of spirits and souls forever and ever. These words cannot be able to describe my heart situation because heart has insufficient range of words and cannot be able to explicate my feelings because his beauty and elegance cannot be bounded i.e. boundless. Let listen an incident about your-self:

One day I (Muhammad Abdullah Asadi) acquire the honor to be in attendance at holy shrine of Hazrat Hafiz Muhammad Jamal-ul-llah sahib Multani Chisti Nizami Rehmatullahi A'laih disciple and caliph of Hazrat Kibla-e-Alam Khawaja Noor Muhammad Maharwi Rehmatullahi A'laih with sheikh-e-kamil Hazrat Qibla Allama Asad Nizami Chisti Sulaymani Rehmatullahi A'laih in multan shareef. After hazri when I came out from Dargah-e-mooalla with my tremendous Sheikh at that time we saw an excusable old man who laid down in sunlight in a very friendless condition. The weather was extremely hot, Hazrat Qibla Allama Sahib asserts mercy on his condition and signal towards sky instantaneously a cloud appears and cast a shadow on his body. When this excusable old man saw your generosity, he became astonished but instantly after this he requested “ O holy man pray for me that God bless me with complete health” venerable saint regard his request and paid attention on him and his disappointment came to an end forever and he became recover and robust. After this he petitioned “holy saint please be kind upon me and grip me in your slavery”. After the delay of  few moments you took back him in the holy shrine of Hazrat Hafiz sahib & honored with “bait”, afterwards for long time that man attends your bargah-e-ghosiyat again and again and due to your special kindness he became from “waasilaan-e-haq”.

Subhan-allah glory of Allah, Hazrat Qibla Allama sahib Rehmatullahi A'laih had extra-ordinary perfection in skills & insight and was very high-ranked saint and it cannot be ignore at any cost “waallah alam bissawab”

Kia nasheeli ankh thi saqi ki
Be-khaber kr dia Jidhar dekha

Al-sheikh-e-kamil Hazrat Qibla Allama Asad Nizami Rehmatullahi A'laih was completely absorbed in the personality of Prophet Sallahu Ta'ala Alaihi wa sallam and God. Repeatedly Hazrat peer Muhammad Irshad hussain sahib Naqashbandi Rehmatullahi A'laih chora shareef said about your personality that:

“Our friend Allama Asad Nizami (Rehmatullahi A'laih) comes in front of time when neither seems in his apparent or inside nor remains in any corner of his heart except God. The vocation of your personality and your courage is un-bounded”

Al-sheikh-e-kamil Hazrat Qibla Allama Asad Nizami Rehmatullahi A'laih in relation with apparent & inside kept all perfections which is impossible to premises.

Verse :
God give us benefit in the world and the world to come (Akhirat) by the grace of his graciousness.



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